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Goodbye 2017!

Goodbye 2017

Hope everyone’s enjoying the holidays. For us 2017 has been a very busy year and also a rather quiet one, with our last update being quite a while ago. The end of 2017 will mark the 5th development iteration of The Very Organized Thief. I’m sure some of you are probably surprised how we got to five iterations.

Developer Diary

We can rebuild it.

It has been quite liberating to take a sledge hammer to everything we’ve worked on and rebuild it. Going over all the questionable decision making and surprisingly creative solutions that have come about has been in it’s own way fun. It’s also been horrible looking at how long ago some of this code was written, and remembering all the things that happened around the time of it’s creation.


Looking back at 2016!

Last year was yet another challenging year, pushing ourselves hard to lock down developments and start making more progress with the games we are working on. It was also the first year where we lived on our own in a quiet neighbourhood, working out how we can balance our life around what we do in order to do it.

Developer Diary

Winging It

After a poorly timed random event last month, we talk about a couple changes we’ve had to make, as well as some of the new and exciting things to come. Like the new website and the new game we have in development! ALSO! Elise is on Patreon! Support her art by becoming a Patron. Everyone […]


Welcome To The New Website!

If you’re reading this, welcome to the new website! Alex has been working hard to bring the new website to life, as well as a few other things! For the last year we’ve been experimenting with our art, programming and video editing. A lot of which hasn’t been as straight forward as we planned them to be. […]


RÅ-H! Elusive “Moving House”

After an RPG like random encounter moving into a new house. We’ve settled in and are slowly winding ourselves back up with some exciting things we have planned.