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Developer Diary

We can rebuild it.

It has been quite liberating to take a sledge hammer to everything we’ve worked on and rebuild it. Going over all the questionable decision making and surprisingly creative solutions that have come about has been in it’s own way fun. It’s also been horrible looking at how long ago some of this code was written, and remembering all the things that happened around the time of it’s creation.

Developer Diary, News

New Computers!

It has been a long time coming! But after about a year of scraping together funds and reaching into our own pockets. We now have much needed new computers! Why new computers? Our previous computers, one was a store bought “general” performance computer (WHY?!) and the other an 8 year old high performance (at the […]

Developer Diary

Blogging Again

The blog is back again! After experiencing Freeplay this weekend and the feeling that we probably shouldn’t let everything we do fall into complete obscurity, we thought it would be best to start doing this again, even if it is infrequently. Going to this years Freeplay was a great eye opener for us. It left […]