Alex Tuckett

Programmer, Technical Artist, Game & Web Designer


Alex has spent 13 years in a dedicated pursuit of learning one thing. Game Development. After briefly working in the commercial games industry as a Technical Artist. He left to focus on creating his own games. The majority of his time is spent diligently researching, designing and developing a variety of games and tools to help support Redefinition Games as it moves forwards. He has also worked with a number of other independent game developers, helping them concept and develop their own games. His goal in the games industry is to create charming games, and inspire new and upcoming game developers.

Game Credits

  • Super Mega Jump 3D

    Super Jump from platform to platform! Shoot octahedrons with Mega Weapons! Watch your step and mind the gaps!

  • The Maze - Keeper Of Doom

    Find the key and escape the hedge maze. But beware! Things are a little relaxed in this maze. A little TOO relaxed.

  • The Very Organized Thief

    You are a thief. A very organized thief. THE Very Organized Thief! A short game that is available to play in browser and on PC, Mac and Linux. It is designed to be neither easy or hard and slightly different everytime you play.

  • Chance

    You've got 60 seconds! Know your chance, pick your door and make your way through 60 seconds of sandy floors and doorways! Else meet your fate!

  • Minotaur Maze

    Minotaur Maze is a game using procedural generation to create unique mazes everytime you play. How big are the mazes? You get to decide!

Latest Posts

  • Knocking Out The Owner

    For the past month, I’ve been working on improving The Very Organized Thief’s throwing mechanics, as part of our next update. The goal has been to allow players to knockout the Owner!

  • Experimenting with Behavior Trees

    This past few weeks I spent time working out a new AI system, as part of our next step in the development for The Very Organized Thief. The new system is using Behavior Trees, allowing us to create more reactive AI in our games.

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