The Team


Redefinition Games is a independent games studio based in Melbourne, Australia, working on small titles for handheld devices and desktops. It is currently run by Alex Tuckett and Elise Le Blanc, a tiny team who are dedicated and passionate about everything game related. Our goal at Redefinition Games is to have fun while we develop unique games and experiences for people to play and enjoy.

Alex Tuckett

Programmer, Technical Artist, Game & Web Designer

Alex has spent 13 years in a dedicated pursuit of learning one thing. Game Development. After briefly working in the commercial games industry as a Technical Artist. He left to focus on creating his own games. The majority of his time is spent diligently researching, designing and developing a variety of games and tools to help support Redefinition Games as it moves forwards. He has also worked with a number of other independent game developers, helping them concept and develop their own games. His goal in the games industry is to create charming games, and inspire new and upcoming game developers.

Elise Le Blanc

2D 'n' 3D Artist, Illustrator & Game Designer

Elise is a talented and dedicated artist who has been refining her own art style to create humorous and cute works of art. Her goals are to keep doing what she loves, to create memorable games and stories.

More people to come…