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July, 2015
Art, Developer Diary

Spooky Environment Art

Since my last art update post, I’ve been working on the environment props and textures. Because our new spooky themed game is set in an old run down school, most of the props include things like school desks, benches and chairs. I set up an example scene in Unity where I’ve been testing out the models […]

Game Releases, Super Mega Jump 3D

Super Mega Jump 3D

After 72 hours of jamming. We’re proud to announce the release of SUPER MEGA JUMP 3D for the Indies Vs Gamers Jam over at GameJolt ! Super Jump from platform to platform! Shoot octahedrons with Mega Weapons! Watch your step and mind those gaps while you try to generate loads of points! The jam may […]

Developer Diary, Game

PSX Inspired Shader

For last few days (amongst other things), I’ve been working on the PSX shader to simulate that distortion you often see in PSX games. The goal is to use this shader to help add a layer of creepiness to the environment through the shader. So before I did anything, I did a quick search on […]

Developer Diary

New Game In Progress

This week we started working on our new game, and things have been progressing nicely. We’re not 100% sure what the title is going to be but we’re pretty sure what the game is going to be about. So our aim for this game is kind of similar to what the original TVOThief had going […]


Two Steps Back into Game Development

Throughout the months of developing The Very Organized Thief, a question would always come up, “Can’t we do more, by doing something simpler?”. And it was a question that would often leave us frustrated, that we could never answer. UNTIL NOW! Before we made the previous post, we’d been working on changing our development strategy […]