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Game Releases, Super Mega Jump 3D

Super Mega Jump 3D

After 72 hours of jamming. We’re proud to announce the release of SUPER MEGA JUMP 3D for the Indies Vs Gamers Jam over at GameJolt ! Super Jump from platform to platform! Shoot octahedrons with Mega Weapons! Watch your step and mind those gaps while you try to generate loads of points! The jam may […]

Game Releases, The Very Organized Thief

The Very Organized Thief

We’re happy to finally release something! Even if it’s not something we’ve been working on for ages. A little time opened up for both Elise and I (Alex) to try something different and something we had always been talking about. To which we made The Very Organized Thief. So you are a thief. A very organized […]

Chance, Game Releases


A 60 second chance to meet your fate! Know your chance, pick your door and make your way through an endless 60 seconds of sandy floors and doorways! But be wary, not all doors are as enticing as they seem! Will you escape! Will you fall to your doom! Or will wander around aimlessly… unsure… […]