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The Maze – Keeper Of Doom

The Team

We are happy to announce the release of The Maze – Keeper Of Doom!

The Maze - KOD - Screenshot1

Prepare to be lost in this procedurally generated maze game! Find the key and escape the maze! But beware, things are a little relaxed in this maze. A little TOO relaxed.

The Maze - KOD - Screenshot2

The Maze – Keeper Of Doom is currently still in development. Overtime, we will be adding more content to the game to eventually turn a simple maze game into a unique adventure for everyone to play.

The Maze - KOD - Screenshot3

It is also a recreation of our previous title, Minotaur Maze.

Minotaur Maze was never made available on game hosting services because of a number of playability issues as a result of limitations with Unity Flash Beta. A large portion of work was also lost when moving to a non-beta version of Unity resulting in the project losing steam. You can play the surviving version of Minotaur Maze here.

The Maze - KOD - Screenshot4

Since then a lot of work has gone into redeveloping the code and art to make The Maze – Keeper Of Doom happen. It now has stylised 3D art, improved AI and dynamic effects such as a day night cycle and weather.

The Maze - KOD - Screenshot5

It currently can be played over at GameJolt in browser. But we will be releasing standalone versions for Windows, Mac and Linux soon to download and play.

We hope you all enjoy The Maze – Keeper Of Doom!

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