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As we get closer and continue to prepare ourselves for the kickstarter for The Very Organized Thief, we are also near the completion of our next game!

But it hasn’t been easy.

Things have taken a bit longer then expected to finish as unexpected life happenings have been occurring around us. Without explaining too much we’ll just say, it’s been a bit tough for us lately.

That aside, our new game is nearly complete. We’ve had to drop some features in order to speed up getting it released, but we will be adding them back in over time. And depending on a number of things that could happen in the next few months, it’s best not to get too ahead of ourselves!

We’ve also been setting up a few other things for people to stay informed and up-to-date about The Very Organized Thief.

There is now an official twitter @TVOThief and Facebook where we will be posting bite sized news for your tweeting and Like-ing pleasure. We welcome any YouTubers to share their Let’s Play videos on the Facebook page for everyone to enjoy as well.

We also now have an account. If there’s any questions you’d like to ask us, feel free to ask there. We are more then happy to answer you.

And that’s that for now! More updates are coming soon! Until then stay organized!

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