Preparing to Kickstart

The Team

Just a quick exciting update!

As usual, we’ve been flat-out doing a whole bunch of things.

For last few weeks we’ve dug deep into working things out and preparing to kickstart The Very Organized Thief! Which we hope to be kicking off in the first, or second week, of June!

We’re hoping to raise $39,000 AU (which is roughly $36,000 US) to help with the development of The Very Organized Thief.

However, we hope to generate more to help support the development of Redefinition Games as a business and hire some much-needed talent.

So we’re currently in the process of nailing down a few things, waiting for sample rewards to arrive and sprucing up the campaign page.

We have also been making sure that if it doesn’t go to plan, we have alternative plans to fall back to. This has mostly been research into hand-held devices, like Android, iOS and Playstation Mobile. It’s our first campaign after all, and we have no idea what is going to happen! So better to be prepared for whatever the outcome right?

Stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks!

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