April Update

The Team

It has once again, been a long time since our last update. So what’s been happenin’?

We’ve been working very hard on our next game which we will hopefully be releasing soon. Our scheduled release for the game had been pushed back a number of times due to some unexpected happenings. As a result we’ve had to take some time off from the project and focus it into research and non-game development related things. The Very Organized Thief has also suffered from a lack updates because of this. But we’re happy to say after a few months of pandemonium to reorganize, we’re back on track.

We hope once our next game is released we will be bringing a few very needed little updates to The Very Organized Thief.

And sorry for the lack of blog updates since Christmas! We’d like to thank everyone who has been playing, and continues to play, The Very Organized Thief. You guys are awesome!

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One Response

    Nathaniel K. says

    Keep it up, guys!

    Since I found your game “The Very Organized Thief” in December of 2013 when I watched Markiplier play it, I have loved it. I showed it to at least three (3) of my friends and we all think it is one of the best game ideas ever and of the best games ever made.

    The whole thought behind it: a randomly generated game that can be played fully when one sits down for a few minutes in which you must reach a goal as you are slowly being pursued and pressed to fail your quest. It provides the perfect amount of strategy, skill, and anxiety to create a great game. One must learn to maneuver through the house, have accuracy at pointing at and clicking on the objects, be observant (because of all the places an object might be, especially since some of them are so normal to resemble a real house), and to hide out when the lady of the house comes home. Once one hear’s the clock, they know they must get moving. Once the lady’s home, one’s got to get out of there or hide and run! Overall, the game is just addicting, fun to play, well thought out, and one of the best games I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing (the Christmas edition, too!).

    I have downloaded your game so that I may play it (almost) wherever I am and (almost) whenever I would like.

    I have also started to get into development. I have learned webpage (HTML and CSS) development, some JavaScript, and am beginning game development (long overdue). I use Unity and CRYEngine, and learn some programming stuff on Alice in school (it is a program for learned to code, if you don’t know). I;m still very basic and learning (in game development), but I would like to say thank you for the ultimate inspiration that you’ve given me for what can be done in Unity. Along with that and other things I’ve seen and played, I aspire that anything can happen with this. Thank you for being such an inspiration, influence, and role model for me in this field, for aspire to make games just like “The Very Organized Thief” and more on my own time.

    My friends and I also sometimes joke around about different versions of the game and cool things that would be awesome if they were added into it. I’m not a part of your development team, but here are some ideas that I’ve/we’ve had that just might make the game so much cooler (if that’s even possible!):

    *extra maps
    *DLCs for maps
    *multiplayer (online and/or local)
    *(maybe, I just thought of this now) custom map modification (not so much as people could completely change the game in their favor, but maybe little things (like where the fridge is in the kitchen), I don’t know)
    *difficulty/version of level: the classic TVOThief along with a version where you must have everything to leave (and maybe a few more), and/or a difficulty select where one could select from a range of times how quickly the lady comes home (so virtually how long they have) and whether or not the click will sound as a warning; it’s kind of like a custom difficulty

    Thank you again for your inspiration and for all of the great times that I’ve had from playing you games with and without other people in my life. I aspire to make games like you on some of my spare time, I am with you all the way (I download your games and follow your e-mails, etc., and I support you), and I hope that Redefinition Games goes as far as it can possibly go.

    Thank you.


    Nathaniel K.

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