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Developer Diary

July Update!

So once again we are making progress slowly. With the need to complete assignments for school, and bashing out a quick experimental game with our flash framework why wouldn’t it be. The last month has probably been the hardest month for us. Juggling a constant bombardment of new topics in our courses, in our development […]

Chance, Game Releases


A 60 second chance to meet your fate! Know your chance, pick your door and make your way through an endless 60 seconds of sandy floors and doorways! But be wary, not all doors are as enticing as they seem! Will you escape! Will you fall to your doom! Or will wander around aimlessly… unsure… […]

Developer Diary

Blogging Again

The blog is back again! After experiencing Freeplay this weekend and the feeling that we probably shouldn’t let everything we do fall into complete obscurity, we thought it would be best to start doing this again, even if it is infrequently. Going to this years Freeplay was a great eye opener for us. It left […]