Looking back at 2016!

The Team

Last year was yet another challenging year, pushing ourselves hard to lock down developments and start making more progress with the games we are working on. It was also the first year where we lived on our own in a quiet neighbourhood, working out how we can balance our life around what we do to enable us to keep doing it.

In 2016 we worked on a number of prototype games. Most of which weren’t that good, and are never going to see the light of day. And others, we might return to, turning them into more completed experiences. But as a result of all that work, we now have a good foundation to build off and knowledge in areas of development we knew very little about before.

We have some pretty ambitious goals and if you didn’t already know, creating enjoyable games is a difficult craft. Requiring a lot of experimentation, many mistakes and a significant number of failures. Not all ideas are going to be great, and not everything you create actually works out. But from all that experience comes more ideas on how to make them work, fortifying your knowledge and ability to eventually find something that feels just right. And from that, be proud to give what you’ve created to others to be enjoyed.

It has been a risk to work this much and show very little. But it has been a risk we’ve taken to help define ourselves. To find what makes us, our ideas and our games unique. Testing, measuring and questioning ourselves against an ever-growing, inspiring and somewhat chaotic industry, before really taking that huge step out into the open again.

As a result, we’ve turned down a number of opportunities presented to us in order to find and learn that first, minimising the risk on relationships we could potentially create with those opportunities. This has made what we do more difficult than it should be, but it has given us the time to understand our limits and balance our life around what we do to do something great and with a good degree of certainty. Which in the long run is far more important to us and is something we feel that all indie game developers should strive towards, to enable them to do what they do and keep doing it.

In 2017, we will be continuing to work hard. And hopefully, with the knowledge and experience we have gained in the last few years, be able to step out into the open again with something we are proud of.

Thank you to all those who have been patient with us. And we hope everyone has a prosperous 2017!

– Alex & Elise

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