Goodbye 2017!

The Team

Goodbye 2017

Goodbye 2017!

Hello! Hope everyone’s enjoying the holidays.

It’s the end of 2017 and it has been a very busy year but also a rather quiet one, with our last update being quite a while ago. The end of 2017 will also mark the 5th development iteration of The Very Organized Thief. I’m sure some of you are probably surprised how we got to five iterations.

The reason is very simple: we felt that each consecutive iteration failed to capture the fun of the original. And a large part of our efforts has been to find an answer to why that is. With each iteration we went through, over the past 4 years, we’ve worked hard to actively find that answer. To find what makes The Very Organized Thief tick, deliver on that experience and how we are going to execute it.

None of which has been easy to find and has inevitably come at the cost of time. But in doing so we’ve overcome many issues we’ve faced and learnt a lot during development, about ourselves and Redefinition Games. We’ve taken our time, purposefully, to ensure we deliver something we are proud of and that in turn motivates us towards something bigger.

We’re often asked by fellow gamers and game developers, why does anything we’re doing even matter? Why not just make the game and release it? No one will care, it’ll be forgotten like so many other games. Our answer has always been. We do care, and it does matter because as game developers it is our responsibility to make it so. Even if a game is forgotten, it still has an impact.

Next year, 2018, is the year we plan to utilise everything we have and do everything we can with it.

Will this be The Very Organized Thief?

No, not exactly.

It won’t be The Very Organized Thief, but it is a new game that is very closely related to The Very Organized Thief. It is something we know that fans of the original will love, and many new people will find great enjoyment in. We also hope fans will be extremely excited to see this new game’s release in late 2018, which we aim to keep you entertained with as we continue to work on The Very Organized Thief.

We’d also like to thank everyone who has supported us through everything we have gone through this year. Your support has made all the difference.

And Happy New Year! May all your pursuits in 2018 be fruitful ones!

– Alex & Elise

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