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The Very Organized Thief Q & A

We finally got around to answering some questions we’ve been wanting to answer for a long time. If you’d like to ask more questions about us, The Very Organized Thief or if you’re interested in creating games yourself and want to know more. Just send us your question on Twitter.

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Refunding Pre-Orders

Update July 3, 2015 We are currently in the process of issuing refunds to be pre-order-ers for The Very Organized Thief. If you haven’t already done so, please check your email for a message regarding The Very Organized Thief pre-orders (check spam just in case). It contains instructions to help us ensure we can issue […]

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Character Design – Owner

Hi everyone! Elise here. :) In this article I’ll be talking about the start of the character design process we went through for The Very Organized Thief. The first character we started working on is one that many people who have played our game should be familiar with, the Owner! Since this is the first character […]

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Latest News

The last couple of months have been the busiest months we’ve had at Redefinition Games. With a number of things happening that will help us keep our heads above the water, and allow Redefinition Games to grow as a company. Most of that, has been paperwork and legal related issues (which are not fun :|). […]

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Pre-Order The Very Organized Thief!

The Very Organized Thief is now available for pre-order.Just click the image above! The Very Organized Thief is still in development and needs your help. Support development by Pre-Ordering! Everyone who pre-orders will get access to the early alpha version of The Very Organized Thief when it is released for download, along with future updates.

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It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally happening! We’re happy to finally announce the Kickstarter for The Very Organized Thief!! So show your support by pledging to turn The Very Organized into a even better game, with more levels and even more things to ste… “borrow”! Just click the link below and share […]