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Refunding Pre-Orders

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After much decision making we’ve decided that it’s best to return all pre-order funds generated for The Very Organized Thief.

This has come as a result of some issues out of our control and not enough funding to produce the game we’d like to make, such as incorporating things people would like to see and provide the support necessary to ensure its success in order to take Redefinition Games in the direction we want to take it.

As we’ve worked on The Very Organized Thief, observed games of similar niches and the industry in general, we’ve come to better understand what is possible and what is not. From both a development and a marketability standpoint.

And in order to get The Very Organized Thief into a position where it is possible to create it, we need to step back and do a number of other things before we can truly take it forward to produce a good game.

As a team of two developers, getting the funding we need to produce the types of games we’d like to create is critical and has to come from somewhere.

And it is clear, that pre-orders aren’t working, for a number of reasons.

First reason being, we’re only two developers, making it difficult to generate or maintain the kind of buzz that can help a game succeed.

Second reason, despite it being a simple game in appearance, there is a large number technical hurdles to overcome in order for us to create and manage the experience we’d like everyone to have. This takes time and pushes the general release date back to a point where it’s no longer reasonable for pre-order-ers to wait that long.

And thirdly, not enough funding to sustain development or to responsibly hire the help we need to develop The Very Organized Thief.

There is also growing reluctance to support developers in this way (pre-orders and Kickstarter). Which has come about as a result of setting expectations too high, technical issues at release, or large groups of people being disappointed or not completely satisfied with the end results. Or all of the above.

The Very Organized Thief is a game which grew wings of it’s own, took off and landed in the hands of both small and large content creators who review and Let’s Play games. All of which happened on it’s own.

This created more attention than we’d planned for and pushed a more manageable business plan out the window.

The effect of this is that we will not be able to produce a game which lives up to the hype and expectations of everyone in a timely fashion as a result of all of the above. So rather than developing a game in the same vain of Icarus flying into the sun, we are bringing ourselves back down to earth.

By doing that, we will be able to adjust our focus to produce a range of smaller enjoyable games, in order to help us generate the funds we need to produce a major game of respectable quality.

This doesn’t mean that development has stopped on The Very Organized Thief. We will be continuing to work on it as usual, along with posting developer diaries.

This decision simply removes the looming pressures of having to fulfil pre-orders and setting a final release date which is currently indeterminable based on the reasons previously stated.

It has been yet another tough decision this year. But we feel in order for us to continue to make games, changes needed to be made, starting with removing pre-orders and release date expectations.

We hope everyone understands and respects our decision.

Thank you to everyone who has played The Very Organized Thief, and took a chance at supporting us this early on. Your support will not go unnoticed ; )

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16 Responses

    anonimos says

    i love the game however you guys make it

      Alex Tuckett says

      Thanks : )

      FoxxxW says

      I love the origanal so much I was so excited what direction this would go in. Take as much time as you need, make the game exactly as you see it, even though we will love it any way you make it. Thank you for such an amazing game Alex and Elise.

        Redefinition Games says

        Thanks Foxxxw : )

    Paul says

    Very sad news.
    I’m part of a small dev team working on a game and we are going to have similar problems with funding.
    We’re planning to go the early access route but with the current state of early access I don’t think too many players have any confidence in the quality of the games.

    Best of luck for the future.

      Alex Tuckett says

      I agree. There is certainly a different expectation with Early Access games which can drive developers away from their original intentions.

      The misconception from the consumer level is that there is a lot of money in Early Access games, therefore developer should be able to create what consumers are asking for.

      But the reality is, this is only true for very few games. Where many others are still left with an overwhelming amount of expectation, and little money to really deliver.

      And with some developers treating it a silver bullet to solve design issues. It gets even worse.

      Even then, with the few games that do generate enough funds to sustain development. Some of the expectations are way outside what is realistically attainable, which only leaves people more disappointed.

      It’s a troubling state of affairs coming from both sides. And for some Indie, can cost more time and energy to manage then it should be.

      Which is kind of sad to see, especially when Early Access came about as a means to support developers as they make their game.

      I’m not saying it’s like that for all games in Early Access. But there’s been enough to warrant developers to think about it more before jumping into Early Access.

      Either way, I hope you find something that works for you and your team! And best of luck to you as well!

    Derrem says

    When I saw the email in my inbox letting me know about the pre-orders being cancelled my first thought was “Oh no! Are they not making the game any more?” Glad to see that that’s not the case, and I understand your reasoning entirely.
    Looking forward to playing the full version of TVO Thief some day!

      Alex Tuckett says

      Thanks for understanding Derrem : )

    Andie Banguard says

    I’m sorry you guys had to make such a tough decision but it’s very understandable from your perspective. I didn’t know people were not really satisfied with the TVOT and it makes me sad. It’s almost like consumers ourselves are the reason good games get pushed back. Besides those things, you guys are doing awesome so far! So keep up the great work! I’m sure there’s a number of people like me who enjoys TVOT and look forward to your future productions :]

      Alex Tuckett says

      Thanks Andie.

      In a way, consumers are being smarter with their money.

      In the past, more consumers were willing to take a chance at supporting start up developers.

      Now, consumers need a very good reason to take a chance on developers. And with all the new start up developers and games out their right now, developers need to do more to give consumers a good reason to buy and support their game early on.

      Which is only fair, but it does make it tough for people who genuinely could do it, if the support was there.

      But regardless, we’ll be working on giving people a good reason to support us in the future. And I hope you’re looking forward to it ; )

    Sam says

    Sad to hear this, guys. :(

    I’ve been following TVOT for a long while now, since before even your Kickstarter campaign. I know everything will work out for you in the end and you’ll make the best possible game you can, and want to. :D Best of luck for the future.

      Alex Tuckett says

      Thanks Sam. It’s nice to know we have fans who understand!

      Hopefully everything we’re doing right now, will help us get to making TVOThief the best game it can be : )

    Craig says

    Wow this is very professional and level-headed of you. I can see many people in your position keeping the money and doing what they can with it while racking up negativity for prolonged release of a game they paid money for. This was a very smart decision and it sounds like you’re handling it very well.

    Keep being great and don’t rush a great product such as this one.

      Redefinition Games says

      Thanks for understanding Craig.

      We endeavour to do the right thing not only for ourselves, but for everyone who enjoys our games which is the most important thing.

      It’s a difficult thing to balance. But if we rushed and pushed out a game in the wrong state and place, it wouldn’t be good for anyone.

      And thanks again. Your comment really means a lot to us. : )

      – Alex & Elise : )

    jose joel says

    so bad news :(
    but i will staying playing tvot. oh and a little kid really wants to play new tvot. he wants to punch the owner :P

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