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Pre-Order The Very Organized Thief!

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Pre-Order The Very Organized Thief!

The Very Organized Thief is now available for pre-order.
Just click the image above!

The Very Organized Thief is still in development and needs your help. Support development by Pre-Ordering!

Everyone who pre-orders will get access to the early alpha version of The Very Organized Thief when it is released for download, along with future updates.

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4 Responses

    justeaguey says

    Hi, super excited for the game, the orignal was awesome and i have every hope that this will be even better. On a side note, do you have a general timeframe for the release data (alpha and full release)? Thanks and good luck!

      Redefinition Games says

      We’re glad you’re super excited! We are too!

      As for release dates, they’re still to be determined. There have been a number of set backs which we will be posting news about to explain what’s going on soon.

      What we do know however, is we will be releasing a playable version sometime this year. And we’re working very hard to make sure the game is even better and more fun for everyone!

      : )

        James Nagele says

        It’s been a month and I am wondering if there is an official release date yet. I am very hyped for this game and can’t wait for it to come out

          Redefinition Games says

          Hi James,

          We’ve just released a post explaining when the game might get released.

          Click this link.

          Please understand we’re currently doing everything we can to get the game done and keep everyone up to date. We’re only two people, so these things take a lot of time and effort. We’re doing our best and we wish we could release more information and the game sooner.

          And we’re glad you’re hyped! We really can’t wait to get TVOThief out for everyone to play. You just have to be patient, that’s all : P


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