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Making Progress

This year we made significant progress. Our goals this year were to increase the speed at which we could design and test levels, without excess. Focusing more on the process of creating and simplifying it for rapid prototyping.


Site Updates and Unity 5

Hi everybody! And welcome to my first official developer post! This week (amongst other things) I spent a little time fixing up the website. Along with a couple fixes for mobile and neatening a few things up, the website now supports individual authors! But what does that all mean!? It means we can talk more […]

Developer Diary, News, The Very Organized Thief

Developer Diary #2

It’s been a busy two weeks as we plan, design, code and do arty things to get everything ready for our next big step and beyond! We’ve been reworking the original house making the house up to the same quality as the sneak peak we showed a few months ago. Elise has been modelling some […]

Developer Diary, Minotaur Maze

Minotaur Maze

After two weeks of bashing out code pretty much continuously and adding more features then I originally was intending for the initial release. We can finally say WE HAVE A GAME FINISHED! We’re happy to announce a spin off of our intended title, “Minotaur Maze” which we will be entering into the Unity3d Flash Competition. […]