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The Team

It’s been a month! Again!

The last month and a bit has been the most quiet month for Redefinition Games. With a large lack of activity and celebrations as we finalized some major assignments and Alex prepared for, and completed, an exam. Meaning development on our games has been very minimal and falling asleep at our desks was at an all time high!

But luckily, after much stress and rest. We’re finally free! : D

So we’ll be flying off the handles and jamming loads more hours into developing The Very Organized Thief as we get back into the groove and get all those things that we have been wanting to do, happening!

Here’s what you can expect over the next few months.

  • Developer Diaries for The Very Organized Thief
  • Updates to The Maze – Keeper Of Doom
  • Kickstarter for The Very Organized Thief (finally)
  • More and regular updates!

We’re sorry for the lack of updates. Especially to all those of you who have been asking questions and leaving comments. We have been reading them! And we will be answering some of them very soon!

The last month has also given us some time to think away from all the buzz and excitement that people had been generating around The Very Organized Thief. And it has given us the time to really look at what we need to do and evaluate how we can do it to help Redefinition Games grow into something that sticks around.

So hopefully with all the things we have planned, we can make that happen.

And again, thank you to everyone who has continued to play and support us through The Very Organized Thief. For the lack of better words indicating how grateful we are, you guys are awesome!

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