Finally! Some Time to Focus!

The Team

As usual we’ve been pretty busy and I’m glad to say most of our time is now going into Redef!

We now have 3 months to just focus on what we’ve been wanting to do without our usual pressures, which were mainly school work and assignments. Not that it was a bad thing. Far from it. Our studies have helped us look deeper at what it’s going to take to start up a business and make it successful, and we’ve been really itching to take everything we’ve learnt and use it on Redef.

We know, it’s hardly starting up considering it been over 3 years since starting Redef. But it has been a good 3 years well spent preparing for what is going to be a successful endeavour (fingers crossed). In that time we’ve also managed to gain the experience and acquire most of the software licenses to allow us to do it all properly.

So what have we been doing lately.

We’ve been spending a few days a week getting a the new website made up and looking pretty. Alex has been hopping about like a mad man developing and implementing the design with WordPress (whilst jugging everything else he usually is -_-“). You’ve probably noticed the new extra buttons and random pages. They are currently place-holder pages for the new content going up. Some of these pages won’t be available just yet, but it’s a good sneak peak at what we’ve got planned for the future.

Elise has also been drawing up concept art as well as doing extra drawings and posting it up on YouTube. You should check them out here. She’s also been working on some for our game, helping develop the overall style of the characters as well as there design.

So expect some exciting things to come! Well… we’re hopeful.

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