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It has been a long time since the last update. A very long time. And it’s about time we made ourselves write one, finish it, and actually hit publish!

Yes… we’re still alive and busy as usual. Nothing really new there.

But what’s been happening with Redefinition Games?

We’ve gone underground for the moment, having a surplus of designed games and finally having the licenses to be able to develop them. We best thought to stay a little quiet and not get to excited.

A lot of the games we were working on in the past were shelved due to the fact of “not having the software license/s to create the art for them”. But now that we have the software licenses to create that art, we’ve been pragmatically going through our designs to determine which ones we would like to do, seeing where they fit into the grand scheme, and prioritizing them.

We’ve been spending the majority of our time revising some of these designs to a state where they can be moved into pre-production. Where we will then develop them further.

It has been a relatively heavy design phase at the moment. Nailing down all the ideas we’d like to do, considering what we get away with in the time we have and seeing what’s feasible given what we already have. There has also been a little bit of prototyping to help us in this process as well.

Nothing really tangible as of yet, but some progress and a lot of work is being done.

Also! A new website being jammed in there somewhere, which is also currently in the works.

So expect some things to come in the future. Not going to say when, because that normally never works out to plan. But be prepared for some surprises from Redefinition Games to say the least.

Also, check out DeathSpuds. A game from the creative mind of Josh Sacco, the overclocked animator Adam Taylor, and the fuzzy logic of Alex Tuckett. It’s guaranteed to make you ask yourself “Why a potato?”

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