March?… Update!!!!

The Team

The days have been hot, we haven’t stopped working and this year is flying by leaving us barely any time to update!

So what’s been happening.

As you can see from the site, it has been updated. There was suppose to be an update following the new site release but someone forgot to hit publish… …Alex! Regardless, we have a new, a bit more organized layout, with plenty more still to come.

There has been a lot of changes to the direction we were originally moving in since last update. A few unexpected twists in our target platform had caused us to do a major rethink. Stressful as it was, it has been for the better. It has helped us spread the load and start other things much sooner then we thought possible.

As usual, Alex has been madly coding. He is currently working with Josh Sacco once again on his game DeathSpuds! Spending the last 2 months revising the code used for Freeplay demo and implementing better AI. It is also now using Unity 4, and some of it’s features. He has also set up a blog where he will share some of his tips and tools. You can check out his website at

Elise has also set up a website to get her own little drawing projects going. You can check out her website and works at Her site also has links various videos in her YouTube Channel of her drawing the images. So go check them out!

Together we have also been working on a small flash point and click / hidden object game episodic which is coming together relatively quickly. Since a lot of the games we’ve been developing are focused mainly around telling a story, we have started small and in chunks to help develop that story telling skill within a game. At the same time we are taking the opportunity to utilize our existing 2D frameworks to quickly put this game together. We’re not saying when it will be done because we honestly don’t know. But you can check out Elise and Alex’s websites for any updates related to the game.

A lot of the plans we imagined for Redefinition Games are really starting to manifest into something more then just research and development. It has taken a long time, but the journey has been absolutely worth it!

We also want to say a big thank you to Jason Close. If not for your relentless small contributions, a lot may not have been possible. Your generosity has helped us explore more avenues in what we are trying to create, now, and for the future of Redef. So THANK YOU JASON!!! You are helping make things possible!

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