Latest News

  • Not Very Good News

    It has recently come to our attention that a fake version of The Very Organized Thief is being sold on the Apple App Store. Please view the full article for all the details.

  • Knocking Out The Owner

    For the past month, I’ve been working on improving The Very Organized Thief’s throwing mechanics, as part of our next update. The goal has been to allow players to knockout the Owner!

  • The Very Organized Thief Kongregate Update

    After many attempts at creating an acceptable Web Player replacement, we’re happy to finally announce that The Very Organized Thief has been updated and released on Kongregate.


  • Experimenting with Behavior Trees

    This past few weeks I spent time working out a new AI system, as part of our next step in the development for The Very Organized Thief. The new system is using Behavior Trees, allowing us to create more reactive AI in our games.

Developer Diaries

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Development Roadmap

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