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We’ve Been Let’s Playing!

The Team

Ever since we watched the first bunch of people Let Playing The Very Organized Thief, they inspired us to attempt Let’s Playing ourselves. And for the last 2 years, whenever time permitted, we recorded some of our own as a way to have fun and relax.

But unfortunately, we were so busy we were never able to edit them.

Until now!

As part of the changes we’ve been making. We’ve given ourselves a little bit of time to edit those videos as way to create more content for people to enjoy while we continue to work on games.

And thanks to a two year backlog, we have plenty to release. We also have a some other types of videos planned, such as developer video diaries (and more), in addition to these videos.

They will be featured on our individual YouTube channels, and sorted into playlists on the Redefinition Games channel. So feel free to subscribe to one, some, or all of them to stay informed of new videos when they get released.

Click any of the links below to go to our channels.

We’re hoping to release them regularly, but given our current situation it may not be as regular as we’d like it to be. At least for the moment.

But until then, here’s some of our most recent videos that you can watch right now!

Watch us playing Sniper Elite 2. Our most recently recorded video to start it all off.

And/or watch us playing Minecraft on our friend’s (Ben Reali) channel, playing on an endurance adventure map they created for us. A map which took him, and our other friend (Richard Graham), a year to build.

We also have older videos on our channels that you can look at if you’d like. If you’re an artist, or interested in art, Elise’s channel also contains art videos.

Please feel free to Like, Subscribe and leave us comments. Any feedback will help us make better videos for everyone on our channels.

We hope you enjoy our Let’s Plays, and the many more videos to come.

– Alex & Elise

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