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Redefinition Games

  • Established in: November 2011
  • Website:


Redefinition Games is an independent games studio based in Melbourne, Australia, working on small titles for handheld devices and desktops. It is currently run by Alex and Elise, a tiny team who are dedicated and passionate about everything game related.


To create genuine and unique games for people to enjoy, and to be honest, open and act with integrity in everything we do.


  • Early Days 2010-2013

    Students trying to define ourselves as web game developers. Creating obscure or incomplete Flash Games and developing our own game engine and tools in various programming languages.

  • Blind Luck 2013-2014

    We made the move to Unity and created The Very Organized Thief which has received millions of plays and has had thousands of videos created on YouTube.

  • Torment 2014-2017

    We worked on several experimental titles to discover new ideas and approaches to game development which we are still using today.

  • Discovery 2017-2018

    Re-writing our development process and re-evaluating ourselves.

  • Hopeful 2019

    We began working on a remake of The Very Organized Thief to Web, as a starting point for everything to come.


Branding & Logos

  • Redefinition Games - Logo 1
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  • Redefinition Games - Logo 4
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  • Redefined Red
  • Redefined Grey

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What game engine do you use?
    Our games are created in Unity.
  • Are we Australian developers?


  • Alex Tuckett
    Game Developer, Designer, Programmer & Artist
  • Elise Le Blanc
    Game Designer, 2D & 3D Artist

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